Commedia dell’arte mask work for “Don Juan” (Everett Community College – 2018)

“You really have to act wherever you can…and that might even be just in an audition room. If you get a chance to act in a room, that somebody else has paid rent for, then you’re given a free chance to practice your craft. And in that moment, you should act as well as you can, because if you leave the room or the theater or wherever you are, and you’ve acted as well as you can, there’s no way that the people who have watched you will forget it.”
~Philip Seymour Hoffman (1967-2014)

Teaching Vitae

Coaching: I work with professionals and pre-professionals to prepare them for General Auditions and Callbacks. My ultimate goal is to help you become excited and confident about your audition.

Sessions may include the following:

  • Help select monologues for a General Audition or specific upcoming audition
  • Help edit and arrange your current monologues
  • Coach your pieces with a focus on acting intentions, character arc, movement, vocal technique and presentation
  • Help with wardrobe, style and headshot recommendations
  • Coach audition or callback sides

Teaching: Workshops and Master Classes include:

  • Laban Movement for Performers
  • Shakespeare Text Analysis
  • Shakespeare’s Fools and Clowns
  • Basic Stage Combat (unarmed, grappling, found objects, single sword)
  • Introduction to Commedia dell’arte

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Laban movement workshop for “Don Juan” (Everett Community College – 2018)

“Chris always shows up for his work: the guy is just there, he knows how to occupy his space.  His uncompromising specificity and emotional sincerity are what make him one of the best actors currently onstage in Seattle and why I have come to him for mentorship countless times over the past few years.  Chris has helped me prepare for probably half a dozen professional auditions; several bookings later I can easily say he has a proven track record of success.  More importantly, I find myself leaving each session with more than just confidence for the upcoming audition but a deeper understanding of how I approach my acting work and the lessons learned stick with me to this day.” ~Riley Neldam, Los Angeles-based actor who recently appeared on ABC’s “The Catch” and CBS’s “Criminal Minds”

“Chris is a knowledgeable, attentive, invested, and amazingly supportive teacher. I had the privilege of encountering his Auditioning class at a brand new studio in Seattle, and I guess word hadn’t spread yet because I was the only student who showed up that day! He worked with me privately for over an hour on three different monologues, and I left the session feeling so inspired and confident. It is rare to find a teacher as insightful, honest, and generous with his time and energy as Chris. He even thought of some other characters, plays, and monologues that I might enjoy working on and sent me a list the next day!” ~Hayley Palmer, “Beauty and the Beast” National Tour

“Chris Ensweiler has worked with my students at EvCC in a variety of capacities.  He has acted as an acting coach and as a fight choreographer/instructor.  What strikes me most about Chris is the energy and charisma he brings to his work.  He has an enthusiasm that is contagious.  He is knowledgeable and entertaining, and is able to be artistic as well as safe. I hope to work with him many times in the future.” ~Beth Peterson, Theatre Faculty at Everett Community College